Click below to download the forms that you need.


Please note that these forms are specific to Independent Support Services, Inc.


Those marked with an asterisk (*) have been made fillable, exclusively for LEA clients


Dollar Bill in Jar

Expense Report*

Use this fillable form to seek reimbursement for utilities, staff activity fees, etc. 


Mileage Report*

Use this form to document and seek reimbursement for mileage driven for service or personal use.

Yoga Pose

Family Reimbursed Respite*

Parents/Caregivers, use this form to get reimbursed after using your respite funds to take some time for yourself.

Human Resources


New Hire (Cleared Staff)*

Hired someone who is already cleared by ISS? Use this form to have them join your team!


Conditional Hire (NOT Cleared)*

Want to hire someone who isn't cleared? No problem! Use this form to start the clearing process to join the ISS ranks.

Form on Clipboard

Evaluation Form*

Yearly evaluations of each staff member are required, as well as every time you give a raise. Use this form to tell ISS and I how staff are doing.


Disciplinary Form

Need to document and warn staff about their behavior, professionalism, etc? Use this form to leave a paper trail.




Whether by choice, or professional differences, use this form to document when staff is no longer working with you or your loved one.


W-9 Tax form

Clinical member, class provider, or teacher on your team? HR needs to have a W-9 on file for them. Have them fill one out if they haven't already.