Click below to download the forms that you need.


Please note that these forms are specific to Independent Support Services, Inc.


Those marked with an asterisk (*) have been made fillable, exclusively for LEA clients


Dollar Bill in Jar

Expense Report*

Use this fillable form to seek reimbursement for utilities, staff activity fees, etc. 


Mileage Report*

Use this form to document and seek reimbursement for mileage driven for service or personal use.

Yoga Pose

Family Reimbursed Respite*

Parents/Caregivers, use this form to get reimbursed after using your respite funds to take some time for yourself.

Human Resources


Hiring Form

ISS is now using one central form for all hiring purposes; whether staff are cleared with ISS, or need to go through the process, use this form for both. 

Holding Phones

LEA DSP Emergency Contact Form

Staff, please provide us with your emergency contact information for LEA to keep on file. As the ISS office is only open during regular business hours, in the event of an emergency, we would not have access to HR to contact your ICE. 

Form on Clipboard

Evaluation Form*

Yearly evaluations of each staff member are required, as well as every time you give a raise. Use this form to tell ISS and I how staff are doing.


Disciplinary Form

Need to document and warn staff about their behavior, professionalism, etc? Use this form to leave a paper trail.


Status Change*

Whether by choice, or professional differences, use this form to document when staff is no longer working with you or your loved one.


W-9 Tax form

Clinical member, class provider, or teacher on your team? HR needs to have a W-9 on file for them. Have them fill one out if they haven't already.