Frequently Asked Questions


1.) When are Staff timesheets due?

Staff timesheets follow the bi-weekly due dates as noted in the Payroll Schedule 2019. For example, for the month of July 2019, the payroll period ends on Sunday, July 21st. The timesheets must be postmarked by 5pm on Monday, July 22nd, 2019.


What about mileage forms or expenses? 

These are monthly forms and are usually submitted at the end of the month. 


Contractor Invoices?

Invoices are done on a Monthly basis, and its good practice for you to have them completed, signed and in the mail by the 10th of the month.


2.) I have money in my Community Classes/ Publicly Available Coaching budget line. What kind of classes can be reimbursed?

Any class that is offered to the general public, inclusive and integrative (NOT just for persons with a disability) at a local library, JCC, health club, studio (dance, art, yoga etc.), cooking class, etc. The class CANNOT be credit bearing or be working towards a degree or certificate program. You can also contract with a Personal Trainer or Coach that provides a service to the general public.


3.) Can staff take a vacation? Sick Time? Personal Time Off?

Staff can take time utilizing their PTO accrual. Staff can use this for Vacation, Sick Leave or Personal time off. Please the Employee Handbook  for more information.


4.) What about Holidays, can we still pay staff for the time they would have worked?

If the staff member in question typically works 20 or more hours ( for any number of participants) staff can be paid for a day off on a holiday. If the Holiday falls on a Monday, the person that usually works on Monday can be paid for the number hours they typically work, no more than that. It would be noted on the timesheet as follows:



  • Staff usual shift hours. (If its 12 pm to 4 pm, they only get paid for those hours.)

  • Indicate that it is NON-BILLABLE.

  • Write PAID HOLIDAY in the Description.

  • Check off that it was NOT FACE TO FACE.


If staff decides to work the holiday, they WILL NOT be paid time and a half or Holiday Pay.


The approved Holidays are:


  • New Year’s Day

  • MLK Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day



5.) Can we pay staff when my participant is sick, away or on vacation?


Yes. Participants can compensate their staff for missed days of work by requesting Family Approved Paid Time Off ( FAPTO). ISS participants can compensate their staff up to 80 hours per the calendar year (January to December) for times when working with the participant was not possible.


This can be used for instances like:


  • Participant Camp Attendance.

  • Participant sickness or hospitalizations.

  • Participant vacations.

  • Other considerations to be approved on a case by case basis (ie. participant cancels last minute, refuses service provision).


A few things to note:


A.) This is 100 hours TOTAL per participant, not per staff member. The 100 hours are split amongst all of your staff members each calendar. Since each participant only has 80 hours total per year, it is important that you use the allotment wisely.


B.) Pre-Approval REQUIRED: If you are aware that you will be using this allotment, when possible, please give your team a heads up. An email detailing the number of hours you anticipate using, which staff members will be affected, dates, and reason will help us ensure that it is covered. You should email your broker, your SDC and copy as well.


C.) How does staff document this on timesheets?


Timesheets should indicate:


  • Dates

  • Typical shift hours. (If its 12 pm to 4 pm, they only get paid for those hours.)

  • Total hours

  • Indicate that it is NON-BILLABLE.

  • Location:”N/A”

  • Activity code: “N/A”

  • Write FAMILY APPROVED PTO in the Description. To help you keep track of why you are utilizing your Family Approved PTO allotment, I recommend adding in the reason as well, such as ” Camp”, ” Family Vacation”, “participant ill” or ” hospitalization” as examples.

  • Indicate that it was NOT FACE TO FACE.

  • Staff Initials



6.) What does Transportation cover exactly?


Service Related Transportation 


A.) Staff Mileage: Staff is reimbursed for any trips to and from activities with the participant present in the car. Staff are responsible for tracking their daily mileage in order to be accurately reimbursed. Staff can use MapQuest or reset their cars trip odometer to help track this mileage.

Be mindful that if the staff is supporting a participant to get to a Medical Appointment, it must be a valued outcome for this mileage to be reimbursed.  (“Medicaid Taxi” is available specifically for getting to and from Medical Appointments so we must be able to document why more support is required than just a ride to and from.)   Staff will use a mileage sheet to seek reimbursement for this mileage. It is important for you to review the mileage to ensure that it is reasonable before signing.

The Federal mileage reimbursement rate for 2019 is .58 cents per mile.


B.) Public Transportation Costs: Both Staff AND the participant can be reimbursed for travel training using public transportation, Uber, Able-ride, etc. This is reported on an expense report and is accompanied by the original receipts, or print out provided by the transportation provider. Uber receipts, Able-Ride printouts (call and request this) are acceptable. 

C.) Participant Own Vehicle: If a participant uses their own vehicle (or parent’s/ guardian’s) to get to and from activities related to a valued outcome, the mileage can be reimbursed. The participant or parent/guardian will fill out the mileage sheet, indicating it was the participant’s own vehicle used and sign at the bottom.


Personal Use Transportation: 


As with all budget categories, you can only access this funding if it is approved in your budget. Personal Use Transportation covers costs NOT related to using a service that is built into your plan. Examples include mileage or transportation costs ( Uber, LIRR) to family outings, grocery shopping with family, daily errands, visiting grandma in upstate New York, etc. All of this is while NOT being supported by a staff member. 

This line cannot be used for transportation to Medical Appointments. 


6.) Where can I find out about events that are going on?


There are several outlets for information on events. You’re already at one of them! Check LEA, Inc EVENTSpage.

ISS Events: ISS sends out event listings via their email address If you are not already on the list, simply email them asking to be added. Don’t want more emails crowding your inbox? Don’t worry, LEA.Inc is on the email list and I post the local events on my events page. See link above.


News Channel 12: Optimum Subscriber? Check out NewsChannel 12’s What’s Going On? for a calendar of local events.


Patch Online Magazine: This is a little known local resource. Check out their website and peruse the different neighborhoods they serve. There is a calendar of events on each town website as well.


Mommy Poppins: Have school aged participant? Mommy Poppins is a great tool to find out what’s going catering to the young, or the young at heart like me! Movies on the Bay, Children’s Museum events, craft fairs galore. Check out Mommy Poppins!



7.) What does “Staff Activity Fee” cover?

The staff activity fee line in your budget is primarily used for admissions to events, activities, theatres etc. Staff or the Participant/family can be reimbursed if staff are supporting an individual in a recreational activity, related to their valued outcomes.

Reimbursements for meals are allowed but it MUST BE RELATED to a valued outcome. For example, a shy or evasive participant working on interacting with the wait staff, ordering for themselves, or practicing money management skills is an appropriate use of staff activity costs for a meal. This should not be something that occurs each and every week, your budget will literally get “eaten up” quickly if not monitored. If the staff person lays out money, they can seek reimbursement directly. The meal must be between $5 and $15, no more or no less.

If the participant pays for the staff, the participant will seek reimbursement. Only the STAFF portion can be reimbursed and the expense report must be accompanied by an original itemized receipt. Make sure to circle which portion was the staff person’s meal.



8.) What Forms do I have to fill out on a Monthly Basis?

As a person with budget authority, you are also responsible for reporting how your budget is being utilized. Each month you should be filling out or reviewing the following:

(Titles Link to Forms)


A.) Monthly Summary Notes:

This is a form with varying amounts of pages (depending on the number of outcomes) that is basically a snapshot of the previous month. It is due to ISS by the 10th of the following month. (April’s is due May 10th; May’s is due June 10th, etc.)

Parents/ Guardians or Participants themselves (with the assistance of staff or broker if needed) will check off the appropriate information in the expense boxes and give quick, one full sentence answers to four simple questions:


  • What did the participant do?

  • How did their staff help?

  • What did the participant learn or gain from this experience?

  • Would you like to make any changes? 


B.) Expense Report Form:

The Expense Report is a monthly listing of all of the expenses the participant has incurred and can be reimbursed for. Each participant’s plan is different, and usage may vary from month to month. Some common expenses include:


  • Transportation (LIRR, Able-Ride)

  • Staff Activity (Movies, Bowling)

  • Health Club Memberships

  • Cooking Class

  • Advertising for Staff Cost

  • Utilities (if applicable)


C.) Mileage Reimbursement Form:

If you as the participant are seeking reimbursement for mileage, you should also be filling out a mileage form. If your staff is seeking reimbursement, you should be reviewing this on a monthly basis and signing it after making sure it is reasonable.


D.) Contractor Invoices:

This includes Invoices for persons who contract with you, such as massage therapists or personal trainer or classes billed to ISS directly, such as Music Classes and broker invoices.

Please fill out and return these invoices as soon as you get them your contractors cannot be paid without these invoices. Just as you would like timely pay for the work you do, please think about that when you hold on to the invoices for your supports.

Other Forms may include the Family Reimbursed Respite Form.



9) When are my reimbursements coming?

ISS currently has a 3-week turn around for all reimbursements, including invoices for contractors, mileage and expenses. Expect a physical paper check in the mail. Direct Deposit is currently not offered for these sorts of reimbursements/ payments.

10.) When is my rent check coming?

ISS sends out their checks on the 24th of each month, for the following month. For example, a check for May is sent on April 24th, and June’s would be sent on May 24th. If for some reason your landlord does not receive your check, contact ISS or your broker as soon as possible for us to follow up on this matter.