About LEA,Inc.



At Life Enrichment Assistance, Inc. our mission is to enrich, empower and elevate the lives persons who are differently able.  It is our belief that with the right supports and safeguards, differently able persons can live more independent, productive and meaningful lives. 


LEA Inc. provides its brokerage clients truly supportive assistance by: 


  • Maintaining a high level of communication with our participants, their supports and staff members.

  • Managing an events page to highlight special events open to self-directing individuals, their staff and supports.

  • FAQs and Forms page with answers to commonly asked questions and generic forms and examples are available for download 24/7.

  • Monitoring expenditures and manage client’s budget/plan ensuring the plan meets the needs of the client, is with budget limits, and allows for all services that support their continued independent living.

  • Coordinating with the Fiscal Intermediary, the Care Manager, OPWDD and the planning team members as required and on an as-needed basis.

  • Hosting quarterly (and as needed) planning team meetings to address the ongoing and changing needs of the individual.

  • Assisting Individual and their planning team with staff management including recruitment, supervision, managing absentee coverage, hiring, firing of the direct support professionals that will support the Individual and the implementation of his plan and valued outcomes.

  • Assisting the Individual and their planning team with finding additional service providers such as behavior management, massage therapy, personal trainers, etc.

  • Hosting staff meetings as needed that may include team building, training, brainstorming, and sharing as it pertains to the needs of the client and the healthy continuation of their individualized plans.

  • Assist with the management of all paperwork including, but not limited to, payroll, mileage, monthly summaries and contractor invoices.